When to reach for erection drugs

Many men, and increasingly women around the world have problems with
satisfying sex life. How to calculate the researchers, there are over 140 million. This problem is faced already getting younger, even before the age of 35 men. Most of them, despite the knowledge that has problems with potency, is not able to overcome shame and consult a doctor sexologist.

Also, in our country there are a lot of people who suffer from erection problems. It is estimated that it is about 1.5 million people in Poland, but only 6 percent goes to the doctor to get help in this important area for adult life.

In today’s harried world, societies have different mental problems, mostly due to job stress, financial problems and loss of faith in yourself and in your abilities. Health problems such as hypertension, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and diabetes, and various addictions, such as smoking and drinking alcohol affect erectile dysfunction causing impotence.

But not always erectile dysfunction is a symptom of impotence, erectile dysfunction occur when three out of four cases it can be concluded that it is impotence, which can easily and successfully be treated. It is important to first get rid of shame and seek advice from a sex therapist who can prescribe medication in conjunction with psychotherapy. However, there are cases that the problems are caused by other problems
health, and the patient needs help urologist, cardiologist or internist.

For the sake of this important area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife, doctors and scientists have developed a drug called Viagra. “Blue pill” is the most famous drug used to treat impotence in men, and from the time of its release to the market, a number of other drugs, alternatives that are equally effective, often less expensive and faster than
the acting. His “pink pill” also received a woman who is helpful in some of the problems related to sexual life.

You do not need to explain to anyone how much is satisfying sex life. Successful sex life brings satisfaction and strongly contribute to the improvement of well-being and makes a person good humor and has an optimistic outlook on life.

Experts from research on sexuality, humanity is still a lot of work and conduct research in this sphere of life. Thanks to their work, a number of programs that help people who have problems with potency, fertility, as well as developed and approved for circulation a lot of drugs. Over the last 100 years approach
the sexuality of all nations, both women and men, has changed so much that it is no longer a taboo subject and talk about the problems associated with this loud, not as it used to whisper. To help solve these problems have included organizations such as the UN and WHO, as well as companies and research centers. The highlight of the pharmacological treatment of impotence in men was the year 1998, when there were outstanding “blue pills” Pfizer’s Viagra.

This medicine has become very popular and well-tolerated by patients. The only problem accessible to all who need it was the price. Therefore, over time, developed cheaper alternatives, acting the same way as Viagra. All of these preparations, generally describing causes relaxation of blood vessels and blood flow to the corpus cavernosum of the penis during the sexual act.

The change in the approach to the problem of sexuality society is to promote the family planning methods and knowledge about sexual health and the emergence of effective drugs to combat disorders of potency.

However, despite the general trend of changes in thinking and speaking societies with problems with erectile dysfunction, still for the individual it is embarrassing. Everyone wants to have a satisfying sex life but professional and personal stress, worries and concerns about job future or finance in many cases cause erection problems.