The recipe for efficient joints

It’s hard to believe that such a trivial act such as unscrewing the lid of the jar requires a commitment of twenty joints, and playing volleyball – up to a hundred. Without performing joint no way to execute even simple daily activities. Is there any effective prescription to make our joints were healthy and fit?

Typically, joint pains are the result of developing rheumatic disease, in short called rheumatism. In this popular term conceals more than 100 diseases, which differ in the causes, symptoms, prognosis, and treatment modality. But they have a common denominator: the earlier you recognize them and begin to heal, the more we have a chance at a normal life. Do not dismiss so seemingly trivial symptoms and report them to your doctor. Unfortunately, arthritis can attack at any age – even in childhood and youth. Can effectively restrict the freedom of movement to force change habits, lifestyles, and even make us of someone else’s help. It is true that some diseases can’t be avoided, because they are such hereditary or are associated with a poor job of the immune system (immune). However, we can delay their emergence and development. Unfortunately, a lot of diseases of the joints is the result of improper lifestyle, so we have them almost at his own request.

Man exposes daily traffic system in various overload. Although prone to developing rheumatic diseases is genetically conditioned, it is to eliminate risk factors conducive to their formation. In osteoarthritis is overweight or obese. Patients performed systematically recommendations therapists maintain a better performance from the patients even without changes in the joints precedent contents of the leaflets, which argue that the regular collection of drugs will give them the cure of the disease.

What to do to have healthy joints

Come on – playing sports, or even simple daily exercise strengthens muscles, which are additional support for the joints (especially the spine).

Do not allow to be overweight, and if dorobisz obesity – fight with her, because every extra kilogram unnecessary strain on the joints.

Smart load through the joints, ie deploy your weights evenly in both hands, move heavy objects, and if you need something to lift – it’s bent legs and a straight back.

Eat with the needs of the skeleton – a little animal fat and high in calcium and vitamins (especially vitamin D).

Avoid long-term stress causes tension and overload the muscles stabilizing the joints.

What to avoid in order to have efficient joints

Not every form of movement joints is used. Here’s what you should avoid, that they do not abuse the.

Elbows – their enemy is lugging bags full of shopping, repetitive rotational movements, such as playing tennis.

Stifle – do not like walking up the stairs, jumping from a height, sudden turns.

Hocks – the worst bear walking on high heels and hard soles and sharp turns.

Pastern joint – do not like to exercise constant, monotonous movements, such as typing on a computer keyboard or knitting.

Shoulder joints – can’t tolerate lifting the bag on his shoulder, bumps and bruising, sudden movements such as serving the ball.

The joints of the spine – harms the heavy lifting, prolonged sitting, sleeping too hard or too soft mattress.

Hips – best not hate lugging around extra pounds (including those related to overweight) and prolonged sitting.

As you can see the recipe for efficient joints is simple. It requires neither a long time nor the considerable money and effort. So, let’s go!

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