Natural Treatment for Angina

Angina is a pain in the chest area due to lack of blood circulation especially to the heart, which can cause cardiovascular disease and even heart attacks.

This time there are very effective drugs (such as amlodipine besylate) and natural treatments for angina. Natural remedies can be an addition to the immediate medical attention that can not miss in any case. These treatments are used primarily to relieve the discomfort of angina brings to the body. Note that, despite being safe, you should talk to your doctor about whether you can use and that will not inhibit the effects of drugs that are commonly consumed.

Hawthorn: This plant is often used to treat high blood pressure and improve heart function. According to studies conducted, it was determined that infusion of hawthorn is very useful in the treatment of angina pectoris.

Garlic: Eat two pieces of garlic with milk daily also ostensibly relieve the pain of angina pectoris.

Ginger: Add a teaspoon of fresh ginger grated into salads or all meals. This tuber contains gingerol, which is scientifically proven inhibits arterial inflammation, lowers cholesterol and prevents blood clots.

Peanuts and peanut butter: Although it may seem incredible, eating a spoonful of peanuts a day or a spoonful of peanut butter five times a week will decrease the bad cholesterol causes, in many cases, of angina pectoris.

Practice yoga: After scientific studies in people with symptoms of the disease or angina were made, there is evidence that certain exercises and asanas improve heart health. Practice of the different relaxation yoga techniques and see the big difference to symptoms before and after starting your exercise routine.

How to prevent angina

To avoid suffering from angina pectoris, it is necessary that you avoid eating too much salt, sausages and all foods that contain fat, since all you will accomplish is to elevate your bad cholesterol, which can be a springboard to the symptoms of angina. It is also necessary that you quit, and you avoid places where there are people smoking.

In case you have inevitably suffered from angina despite the care and precautions, under any circumstances let medical treatment to replace for infusions. Remember that these treatments are only a supplement to those that your doctor gives you.